Fees and Forms

Fees for Karen’s classes for VCE dance are as follows:


1. $80 per week paid per term in advance. (Term 1 and Term 4 only)

Total amounts vary according to the number of weeks/classes per term.

Note all fees must be paid by the second week of term.

2. $20 per term marking fee

3. One off annual payment of $125 for resources. (For books, DVDs and worksheets provided to the students)

Note this may change over time as the cost of these resources can also vary from time to time. Karen will notify parents as soon as she knows if this charge is to change.

Forms for Parents for students studying VCE dance with Karen.

All students under 18 years of age must obtain the signature of a parent or guardian.

CLICK HERE to download the form as a .pdf and print.

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