Workplace Harassment Prevention Policy

I, Karen Brigetta Crump, VCE Dance Provider is committed to ensuring a healthy and safe learning environment that is free from workplace harassment for both the provider and the students. Workplace harassment is unacceptable and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

(1) Definition of workplace harassment:

A person is subjected to ‘workplace harassment’ if the person is subjected to behaviour which is:
(a) unwelcome and unsolicited
(b) the person considers to be offensive, intimidating, humiliating or threatening
(c) a reasonable person would consider to be offensive, humiliating, intimidating or

(2) In this section

Detailed below are examples of behaviours that may be regarded as workplace harassment, if the behaviour is repeated or occurs as part of a pattern of behaviour. This is not an exhaustive list – however, it does outline some of the more common types of harassing behaviours. Examples include:

  • abusing a person loudly, usually when others are present
  • constant ridicule and being put down
  • leaving offensive messages on email or the telephone
  • sabotaging a person’s work, for example, by deliberately withholding or supplying incorrect information, hiding documents or equipment, not passing on messages and getting a person into trouble in other ways
  • maliciously excluding and isolating a person from activities
  • persistent and unjustified criticisms, often about petty, irrelevant or insignificant matters
  • humiliating a person through gestures, sarcasm, criticism and insults, often in front of others
  • spreading gossip or false, malicious rumours about a person with an intent to cause the person harm.

Workplace strategies to eliminate workplace harassment in the learning environment:

Karen Brigetta Crump will take the following actions to prevent and control exposure to the risk of workplace harassment:

  • Develop a code of conduct for students to follow
  • Regularly review the workplace harassment prevention policy

Responsibilities of students

Karen Brigetta Crump requires all students to behave responsibly by complying with this policy, to not tolerate unacceptable behaviour, to maintain privacy and to immediately report incidents of workplace harassment.

Consequences of breach of policy

Disciplinary action will be taken against a person who harasses a student or the deliverer

Review of policy

This policy and the actions outlined above will be reviewed by 2018, unless required earlier because of changes to the risk profile of the workplace or relevant legislation. If necessary, further changes and actions may be introduced to ensure that workplace harassment is prevented and controlled.


I have committed to this policy and its implementation, and to ensuring a healthy and safe work environment that is free from workplace harassment.

Karen Brigetta Crump

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